Our First Virtual Live Event


Last week we worked with a client on our first Virtual Live Event! Over 1,000 people attended this event virtually from around the globe! The event headquarters was nothing more than a Minneapolis Conference Room equipped with some web cameras, microphones, backdrops, studio lights, tables and chairs! We counted down to event start time and the virtual desktop opened to all attendees. They were able to watch live video of their commentators and chat in the open forum! It was a neat experience!

Some of our panelists were located around the globe as well – they were simply sent a box of goodies (web camera, lights, backdrop, ear buds) and were able to create a “studio” in their own home!

There were a lot of moving pieces and (as always) a lot of details to confirm again and again. But, it was a smashing success and we look forward to incorporating technology into events more and more! How have you worked with technology on your events? Have questions about hosting a live event or feeling overwhelmed by the logistics? Contact us!

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