Holiday Party Etiquette

How to be a great guest at this season’s holiday parties…

  • Avoid anything in excess. This seems like common sense. But, when theappetizers look so great it gets easy to end up a with a heaping plate. Or, when you’re a little chilled, that extra glass of red wine seems harmless; but, people notice. Avoid having more than two drinks and more than one plate with a few items on it.
  • Be Gracious.  Don’t forget to thank the hosts and sponsors of the event. Do this at some point during the night. To really set yourself apart, follow-up with a thank you card.
  • Remember your manners. It is rude to double dip, to not throw away your finished plate or to leave early. Also, remember to introduce your guests, shake hands with those you are introduced to and leave your cell phone in your pocket.
  • Present yourself appropriately. Frequently your invitation will have an attire suggestion – follow it! Otherwise, is the event held during the work day? Then you should be dressed in business appropriate attire. On the weekends you can dress a little more casual but you should always think carefully about wearing jeans and anything too flashy. Slacks and a button down are almost always a good choice.
  • Be Positive. Keep your conversations light and engaging. Avoid controversy and going in-depth on work related topics – holiday parties are meant to be fun! Talk about a recent movie you saw, something you read or what your children want for Christmas! Never forget the power of walking around smiling too.

Enjoy this festive, celebratory time of year!

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