Get Ready for Your Non-profit Fundraising Event!

November through March is the most popular time for non-profits to host big fundraising events. If you’re in charge of fundraising at a Twin Cities non-profit, organizing and implementing the keystone fundraising event for your organization is a daunting task. Get started by thinking about two important questions.

What Kind of Event Should You Host?

There are many great options for non-profit fundraisers. However, not all events are good choices for every organization. For example, an organization that promotes music education may find a benefit concert a perfect fit, but may forgo a home and garden tour or sporting event. Here’s a list of some successful fundraising event ideas:

  • dinners
  • auctions
  • tournaments and contests and races
  • galas
  • lectures
  • festivals

Whatever event you choose for your non-profit, it should reflect the values and the resources of your organization. If you have a large community of volunteers, an event requiring a lot of manpower, such as an auction, may be a good fit. Or, if you have a celebrity spokesperson, it may be possible to recruit him or her for your fundraising event.

Where Should You Hold Your Event?

After you’ve decided what type of event works best for your organization, you’ll have to determine where your event should take place. If your non-profit has a large facility, such as a warehouse or amphitheater, you may choose to hold your event there, saving you considerable money on the venue.

If that is not an option, though, your organization should look for a location that is easily accessible for your guests, has a pleasant atmosphere, and is appropriate for your event. For example, you’ll want to make sure your venue has a stage and sound system if you decide to hold a benefit concert.

Now that you’ve given these questions a thought, are your creative juices flowing or are you cringing at the idea of planning your fundraiser? Whatever your reaction, you may want to enlist the help of an event planner. She can help you determine the type of event that is right for your non-profit and help you find great venues and vendors at a great price.

To learn more about hosting non-profit fundraising events, contact Kalsey at Do Good Events today.

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