Why Corporate Celebrations are Important

Culture is a huge buzzword in today’s society, and although it may seem a little over done, it is an extremely important aspect within every organization. It fosters retention, boosts engagement, increases productivity, and aids in a company’s overall success. With culture at the forefront of many organizations, corporate celebrations are an important aspect that can help contribute to a positive culture and we are seeing this take shape in many different types of events.

Employee Appreciation Days

Employees are the base of your company’s success, so why not take a day to appreciate them! Spending a day away from the office to celebrate your employees can be fun and rewarding for your team. Some ideas for a successful event include, bringing in a motivational speaker to inspire, organizing team building activities to promote teamwork/employee growth, and including giveaways or drawings as an exciting activity to engage attendees. There are many good ideas when planning an employee appreciation day, but it’s important to keep in mind that the day is focused on your employees, so take the time to show them you care!  

Incentive Trips

Employees perform at a higher level when they feel valued and get acknowledged for their accomplishments. It can pay dividends to reward high achievers with incentive trips when they meet or exceed certain goals. An incentive trip is a great way to motivate employees to reach their full potential, while also increasing moral by rewarding them with a trip of their own. Better yet, make it a team goal and go on the trip together! After proposing an incentive trip, it is important to plan well in advance to ensure a successful and memorable trip. From selecting a location/venue and booking lodging, to planning meals and activities throughout, there is a lot that goes into coordinating an incentive trip. It is imperative that all logistical components are addressed, but if done well, the result will be a trip that can motivate employees and greatly improve team morale for years to come.

Holiday Parties

Corporate Holiday Parties are not dead! In fact we are starting to see them more often in a variety of different ways. We have had clients host parties, not just on the holidays, but throughout the year, doing things such as casino night at a hotel or a get together at the bowling alley. These events are a great way to get to know each other on a more personal level and strengthen relationships with colleagues. A company party also provides the perfect opportunity to extend the company’s culture to employee’s families by tying your company culture into the event. This can also be a great time to recognize individuals for their accomplishments throughout the year in front of their coworkers and families. There is no one size fits all when it comes to planning the party, plan and execute based on what makes sense to your company and its culture.


Also remember that corporate celebrations don’t need to always be these large scaled events! Even with a small budget, you can host events that are fun, engaging, and meaningful for your employees. This can be something as simple as a picnic on a nice summer day or a cookie exchange during the holidays. No matter how big or small, each event has a positive impact on your organization’s culture!

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