How to make the Top 100 Places to Work in MN List

The MN Business Journal’s Top 100 Places to Work has a long-standing reputation as a representation of the best that Minnesota has to offer it’s work place. Talented job seekers look to this list to find their next career, while corporations and small business strive to make the list to show they are among the best.

To make the Top 100, companies must excel in the areas of work environment, employee benefits, company culture, and overall employee happiness. The measure is not by outside sources, but rather through a survey of the employee themselves.

It is not uncommon for our clients to ask us how they can get on the Top 100 list. The answer is simple, engage your employees!  Events are a fantastic way to invest in and engage your work force. Events also create a platform for the recognition and socialization that the millennial work force craves.

Here is just a short list of the kinds of events you could be offering your employees to engage, empower, and benefit your team.

  • Employee Service Day – Service days allow networking, team building, and for the company to show their dedication to philanthropy.
  • Appreciation Events – Have a successful quarter? Treat the team to a happy hour or boat cruise to celebrate the success and take time to celebrate, provide recognition, and simply say ‘thank you’.
  • Holiday Party – This doesn’t have to mean Christmas. How about a team BBQ Picnic around Fourth of July or a kick off to fall bean bag tournament? Gatherings around holidays allow for employees to engage outside of work talk and create friendships which are key to an employee’s happiness. A study by Gallup has shown that close friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%.
  • Conferences and Training – Professional development is key to keeping your team on the cutting edge of technology, the forefront of innovation, and performing at their highest potential.
  • Get creative – events don’t always have to cost a lot of money or take time away from the 9-5. What is important is that you are encouraging relationships to build a culture where your employees feel valued, empowered, and engaged.

At Do Good Events, we love working with our clients to foster relationships, build their brand, and invest in their community. How can you use events to make the Top 100 list in 2018?

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