Private Venue Events


by Hannah Hegman

Over the past 30 days, Live Events worldwide have taken a collective deep breath as we try to conceptualize and pivot our event plans with the ever-changing dynamics of COVID-19. Cancellation, postponement, and virtual events has been the only option for the last 30 days and this trend continues. There will come the day that we can once again gather, and when that day comes, our events will need to be prepared for a new age of events. We will not go from zero events to events of 1,000 in a matter of days, so it’s time to start strategizing your next 18 months of event planning, fundraising, and friendraising in an industry that will be impacted beyond the “stay in place” order.

Donor parties, home parties, and backyard events are not new to the fundraising scene, but we see this style of event having a resurgence in popularity and importance. Their success will be determined by skillful planning, thoughtful strategy, and ensuring there is excellence executed that elevates the experience from a party to a true EVENT!

Opportunities when hosting a Private Venue Event:

  • No venue fee
  • Greater options for food/catering while support small and local businesses
  • Expanded reach through the host’s networks
  • Personalized appeal
  • Opportunity to bring the experience where your donors are
  • Kick start your fundraising
  • Easier to make health-safe options and interventions to ensure the safety of attendees
  • Guest will feel more confident attending a small intimate event before large scale events in the coming months

Considerations when planning your private event:

  • Parking
  • City Permitting
  • Security
  • Event Flow & Guest Experience
  • Health & Safety Measures

Your Private Venue Event can take many forms – below are three opportunities to explore:

  1. You have a donor who is willing to host an event at their home with their network of friends and family.
  2. You have a donor/partner willing to host an event at their home/property and will allow you to sell tickets or invite your organization’s network to the event.
  3. Consider a unique opportunity – such as a chef partner hosting a dinner party at their home and cooking for your attendees. 

Your private event can still include a mix of many of the same elements of your traditional fundraising party. Elements such as a short program or video, general appeal, raffle, silent auction, other revenue streams, and entertainment may all be appropriate depending on the audience and style of the event. With a clear understanding of the goals for the event and strategy for achieving those goals, you will be able to build community and raise the funds that your organization needs to continue it’s meaningful work. 

While a Private Venue Event may seem daunting and may feel like uncharted territory for your organization, we are sure that with the right partnerships, your community will thrive! We would love to talk with you and support your event with project management and proven methods for success at your next Private Venue Event!

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