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The Impact of Events and Making a Bigger Difference

By Kalsey Beach

During this season of gratitude and reflection, we are looking back on the impact of our events in the past year and the impact of events on a more global scale too! Events make a big difference in our world – sometimes by the dollars they raise, or the connections we make or the memories we create. Let’s review the impact of events and discuss some ways you can make a bigger difference with your events too! 

Do Good Events 2019 by the Numbers Impact 

  • Do Good Events’ non-profit clients raised almost $9 million in 2019! 
  • Our events hosted more than 23,000 attendees! 

Add a Giveback Component 

Your event may not be for a charity but you can still include elements that improve your community. 

  • Consider doing a charity raffle
  • We had a client that set-up a basketball hoop at an employee appreciation picnic, for every basket made the company donated $5! 
  • Add an interactive volunteer activity to your event – this might be assembling hygiene kits or writing holiday cards to send overseas. 

Be People-Centric 

While there are so many important elements of an event, the most valuable is the attendees. Consider how attendees will feel and how you make them feel welcomed and included at your event. 

  • Consider what happens when a guest arrives – are they greeted with a beverage? Is there a volunteer directing them where to go? The welcoming moment sets the tone! 
  • If your group doesn’t know each other well, consider ways to encourage conversation. This might be something more structured like “Mingle Bingo” or more casual like table topic cards. 
  • Share gratitude – be sure you thank attendees, volunteers, vendors and everyone impacting your event! This can be done on-site and with post-event notes! 

Be Mindful of the World

As you plan your event, consider ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 

  • Go paperless where you can! One of our favorite new things is using large monitors for signage vs. foam core boards on easels! They are noticed more and can share a variety of messages. 
  • Go local! As much as you are able, try to support local farmers – this can be as simple as using a local coffee roaster, honey supplier or cheese! 
  • Go for zero waste! Find ways to donate post-event. This may include leftover food, supplies, floral arrangements, etc. 

If you want to learn more about sustainability at events – check out a past blog of ours.

One of our favorite things is planning events that make a difference and have a big impact! We would love to connect and discuss how to add impactful moments to your event!

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