Employee Appreciation Events

More than ever, employees want the place they work to provide community and support. Not just a paycheck. One way to show gratitude to your employees and help build community, is by hosting an employee appreciation event. Here are five things to think about when planning an employee appreciation celebration: 

1. Consider Who to Invite

In addition to employees, it may be beneficial to make the event, or a portion of it, be open to spouses or families. It can be a great time for employees to meet each other’s families they have always heard so much about! 

2. Have an Employee Appreciation Planning Committee

Appoint a small group of employees from different departments, with various tenures, to assist in the planning. They can act as ambassadors for the company. Taking part of the planning process allows your employees to take ownership and pride in the day. You can even use this to discover new talent and leaders in your company!

3. Choosing a Location 

Many companies host their employee appreciation events on-site. This can be a great way to save costs and make the celebration convenient. If that’s not feasible, consider a unique location such as a stadium, event center or a park.  

4. Create Employee Appreciation Traditions 

Consider starting a tradition at your annual employee appreciation event. Some ideas may be a talent contest, a bracket competition or a giveback component to the event. Or perhaps you give away a unique door prize each year such as front row parking or an extra vacation day! 

5. Host Responsibly

It is always important to consider making guests safe and comfortable. Be mindful to serve NA drinks and consider offering uber codes if the event involves drinking.  Also consider accessibility and dietary needs as you make your selections. 

Next Steps

Whatever the size of your company an employee appreciation event can promote a positive, friendly work culture. It shows employees that you care. Not enough bandwidth? Do Good Events is here to help your plan your internal event. Contact us at info@dogoodevents.com.

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