Phillips Distilling Company


Phillips Distilling Company


The Phillips Distilling Company’s events team already had their plates full, and were looking for extra support in planning a high-quality event for their VIP clients and vendors on Super Bowl Day. Phillips Distilling Company’s unique headquarters are two blocks from the U.S. Bank Stadium, which led to the need for extra logistical planning as well as turning an office space into an event venue (it helped that they had a built in bar!)


Do Good Events presented a VIP experience with unique vendors that complemented Phillips Distilling Company’s brand: Minnesota Grown, Globally Known. There were playful touches of branding with a level of sophistication. All employees were able to enjoy the event and engage their key clients and vendors.

I was tasked with hosting an event for the Big Game and knew I couldn't do it alone, so I did what any logical person does - turned to the internet. Do Good Events was one of the top reviewed event planners in Minneapolis and as soon as I had a call with their team, I knew they were the perfect fit to help me pull this off. No matter what hurdles cropped up, the Do Good Events team was armed with a solution - they were very much the voice of reason throughout the planning process. Whenever a problem cropped up, it was as simple as looping them in and they’d take care of it! Overall, the event was seamless and guests raved about the experience. It went beyond anything I could of done myself and I am so thankful for their whole team for that!


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