MMS Jazz Edition


Midwest Management Summit


The Midwest Management Summit travelled to New Orleans for their Fall Conference. It was the second time this conference has travelled and the client wanted to wow the guests with a welcome reception and have their hotel & conference experience be seamless. More than 300 guests from around the globe would be arriving and wanting a unique and beneficial professional development experience.


Guests were impressed with an opening Street Party welcome reception complete with oversized masks, live jazz music and New Orleans fusion food! Throughout the week, every speaker, sponsor and attendee felt like a VIP as they enjoyed surprise touches throughout the week and a seamlessly executed conference.

You've spoiled me. I wouldn't think to try to do an event without you. It's all smiles to all problems. Creative thinking that helps make our event shine. Positive, can-do attitudes reverberate!

Dozen Beignets for AM Snack
hour street closure for block party

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