Midwest Management Summit


Midwest Management Summit​


The client originally called for a consultation on the hotel contract. As a first-time event for the organization, it became clear there was a lot of unknown to-do’s and negotiations to make. Do Good Events was needed to manage multiple vendors, 80+ speakers and almost 1,000 attendees.


Celebrating its fifth year as a premier conference for Microsoft programmers, Do Good Events has aided in ensuring a smooth conference for all attendees, speakers and sponsors. Attendees consistently say that this conference does a remarkable job of taking care of people and ensuring an above and beyond experience.

5 major events in 4 years with ever increasing attendance and satisfaction by all is in no small part due to Kalsey and her staff at Do Good Events. A chance recommendation from a friend guided me to Kalsey where all I was looking for was to verify a hotel contract. Little did I know I was in over my head. She instantly negotiated a better contract and sent me one of her own to help me with the event. One of the three things that stands out so much for us at MMS is that people love our on-site staff. Every issue is handled with a smile. Every time I ask Kalsey something, I get a fast "got it" which is pure peace of mind. I can't imagine doing an event without her. What a great company!


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