Wellness trends in events

With the sunshine, warm weather, and longer days, it seems Minnesotans are more motivated to get out, get moving, and take care of themselves. Wellness and self-care are at the forefront of people’s minds and agendas and its no surprise that #healthy was one of the top trending hashtags of 2019! The wellness bug has spread far beyond just the summer months and has found a consistent place within the event world.  

Whether planning a fundraising gala, business conference, or a small corporate meeting, there are many ways we see wellness showing up at events. Amp up your next event with these wellness tips!

Healthy Food

No matter what type of event you are hosting, there is likely to be some sort of meal, snack or drink component. Help people stay in line with their goals by offering healthy meal options such as a parfait yogurt bar or mini quiche for breakfast. Instead of chips and pretzels for a mid-afternoon snack, try fresh fruit and cheese platter or protein packed smoothies. One simple thing to remember is to always keep your guests hydrated! Make sure you have plenty of water available throughout your event, or try something unique with a hydration station!

Breakout Sessions

One way to incorporate wellness into your event is to invite a guest to speak about it or offer an opportunity for discussion. There are so many experts out there that are willing and excited to share their passion. Providing a space for your guests to focus on themselves and gain some tools that can carry into their daily lives is on the rise. Try something like teaching your guests how to be agents of change through food and hunger consciousness, invite everyone to take a mental break and take part in the practice of mindfulness, or offer a breakout session where guests can openly discuss strategies or best practice for having a healthy work/life balance. 

Decor and Gifts 

Wellness can extend into your “swag” or a take home gift for an event. Instead of the classic t-shirt, try branding a water bottle or swim cap to promote an active lifestyle outside of the event. More and more we are seeing a transition from cut flowers as decor to potted plants and succulents. Your event elevates from just being beautiful, but to truly being alive. Plus, guests can purchase those plants at the end of the night; more fresh oxygen in their home, more money in your fundraising efforts!


One of the most popular ways we are seeing wellness come up in events, is centering the entire event around an activity! Instead of your classic Thursday night gala, try a Saturday morning triathlon or walk. Want to start on a smaller scale, try incorporating a few smaller interactive activities such as yoga, meditation, or healthy cooking into the regularly scheduled activities. 

No matter what type of event you are planning, there are little ways to incorporate wellness into the agenda. Struggling to think of where to begin? Try something that can touch on three aspects of a person: the mind, body and spirit. 

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