Trendy Ideas for Graduation Open House

School’s out for summer and you know what that means….GRADUATION! Show your children how proud of them you are by hosting a bash celebrating this huge accomplishment. The party can be fancy or casual; held in the day or night; you can cook or order in, etc. These parties can be held in your backyard (make sure to have an alternative plan in case of poor weather!) Paper goods and plastic tablecloths are completely acceptable too. What you need are some “stand outs” that people will talk about for a long time. Here are just a couple of ideas:


Yes, you read correctly. Kegs are the perfect answer to easily serving beverages somewhat inexpensively. For the under 21 graduation parties, have you ever thought about a keg of root beer? A root beer float station with ice cream and all the fixings would add a buzzworthy touch. 1919 is a local root beer brewed in New Ulm, MN. They have their root beer available in kegs for such an occasion.


Booking a food truck, instead of a traditional caterer, is a great way to save on space at your party. Majority of the prep and all of the service is done strictly from the truck, therefore you don’t have to worry about messing up your own kitchen. Food trucks are all the rage right now too, so you’ll definitely be the cool party on the block!

Check out, a website that is a one-stop shop for booking food trucks for your next gathering.


Photo booths are on trend for almost any occasion out there. A photo booth is a great double whammy, providing an entertaining activity at the party and a take home favor (especially great for a high school grad party—you can take all the photo booth pics and create a photo album for the graduate to take with them if they’re going off to college).

Whatever special touches you add, just know that your children will be so appreciative no matter what, so don’t stress. Let us know how we can help you enjoy the festivities!

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