Top 3 Post-Event Musts

After the flurry of the big event, it’s natural to want to put up your feet and clear your brain immediately. Putting on a successful event is hard work! All of the details that go into planning and executing are sometimes enough to overwhelm even the most organized planners, hence why event planning is consistently ranked among the Top 5 Most Stressful Jobs. Give yourself some credit – you deserve it!

But before you treat yourself to some time off, if nothing else, make sure you take care of these 3 post-event necessities.

While the event is fresh in your mind, document everything! In this recap, you’ll want to make sure to record the following:
Basic Logistics (Number of registrants, number of attendees, dollars spent/earned, etc.)
What Went Well
Lessons Learned
Action Items
Create this document as soon as possible, even if you don’t intend to meet with your team to discuss the event for a few days or a week. Your recap will be more helpful and effective, if you do so. Also, share the document with your key players right away. Our preferred method is a shared document, such as Google Docs, so that each key player can see and contribute to the notes in real time. This accessibility will encourage them to add to the recap notes, as well. More thoughts shared = a fuller recount.

It’s easy to make a list. It’s a little trickier to assign the tasks. Most challenging of all is to actually act on what needs to be completed post-event, especially when you’re exhausted already. You’ll feel so much better knowing that all your T’s were crossed and I’s were dotted; get it done! Your action items might include everything from sending a post-event survey to following up with vendors on payment, and much more! This list of to-do’s is a blog of ours in itself. Check it out if you want to make sure your checklist is covered.

As you probably know, one thing that we love here at Do Good Events is showing heartfelt gratitude by means of snail mail. Putting on an extraordinary event takes a village; remember to thank the people that helped you make it happen. What we’ve learned is that a handwritten card dropped in the mail is more meaningful and appreciated than a quick email or phone call. Go ahead…brighten someone’s day! You’ll be building important relationships and setting your future events up for success by thanking those that deserve recognition.

Your post-event reflection time is when you can take an honest look at what your event planning and execution was like for you and your team. If you’re realizing that you might benefit from a little extra help, let’s talk about how you can partner with Do Good Events to take your future events to the next level!

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