Successfully Securing Sponsors for Your Event

Fundraising season is just getting rolling so let’s keep with the theme! Now that you have educated yourself in regards to silent auction execution, it is time to chat about securing sponsors for your event.

We all know that putting on an event is an expensive journey. Getting sponsorships in place will help cover event costs so you can focus on raising money for your cause. Here are vital steps in helping you do so:

  • Utilize Your Network: Your best connections are those who work closest to the organization. Employees, board members and partners may have contacts in the local community they can introduce you to.
  • Know Your Audience: Catering toward the demographics of your audience is important. Knowing their wants and needs will help focus on sponsors who can provide for those wants and needs. For example, if your organization supports wellness be sure to approach sponsors who provide exercise, healthy eating or other wellbeing services.
  • Media Sponsorships: Writing a press release for your event is a great way to create sponsorship through media coverage. Local radio stations and newspapers often look for opportunities to support their community.
  • Create a Customized Proposal of Benefits: This is the single most important piece to gaining sponsorships. It needs to be compelling, relatable and memorable. Companies receive numerous proposals per year and it is vital to cover five major components:
  1. Synopsis of the event and the organizations service.
  2. Demographics of the event.
  3. Size of the event (how many people will be attending).
  4. Detail the benefits sponsors receive.
  5. Provide a menu of sponsorship options.
  • Build and Manage Sponsor Relationship: Once the sponsorship is secured, the next step is to nurture and maintain the connection. Make sure you keep to your word, you have one chance and you want them to come back next year. If possible, over deliver!
  • Event Recap and Thank You: Follow up with a thank you letter once the event is over. In addition, provide a recap of the event that outlines its success. Include information such as money raised, press coverage, event photos, etc.

Now that you have a few helpful tips for securing sponsors, this is a great time to start soliciting for 2016 events. Always remember, sponsors are the key to keeping costs low when planning your event. As soon as sponsors start to commit, financial pressure will be alleviated.

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