Selecting the Appropriate Venue for Your Party!

Now that you are in the holiday spirit, the chatter has started to fly about this year’s company party. The first two questions you need to answer are:

  • How many people are you inviting?
  • How much do you have to spend?

Once those questions are answered the next decision is the perfect venue! What type of holiday party are you hosting this year? A low key lunch, a happy hour mixer, or a blow out with dinner and dancing? Here are a few guidelines to selecting your venue based on location:

  • Find a venue that is close to your office. Convenience for a weekday party is key.
  • Directions to the venue should be simple and clear. Any signage help is an additional bonus.
  • Make sure the neighborhood is safe and gives a good impression. Your guests want to feel safe.
  • Take into account parking. Is there a ramp connected to the venue? Maybe offer valet service as an option.

Another piece to take into considerations is the venues flexibility and amenities. Flexibility within the flow of the venue is important:

  • Is there a main space where speeches and awards can take place?
  • A few separate spaces for food and beverages helps disperse traffic.
  • Several tables for eating purposes is needed. Whether a few for sit down or cocktail tables, guests needs a spot to eat.
  • A lounge area for more quiet conversation is necessary. Some people may want to step away from the entertainment aspect.
  • An outdoor space for cooling off is also a nice touch.

You can’t have a party without food and drinks! Your venues policies will help guide you through the process. When planning the menu, make sure you have covered the basics when selecting food and drinks:

  • Taste, taste, taste. Bring the office foodie and try it for yourself.
  • Keep in mind dietary needs. You need to consider those who may eat vegan, kosher or gluten free. You can add this to the invitation RSVP.
  • Use the caterer’s expertise and ask them about best sellers, quantities and service options.
  • Work with a mixologist to develop a signature drink names after your company.
  • A selection of pre-mixed cocktail drinks combined with wine and beer is less expensive than an open bar.
  • Don’t forget to include a mocktail option. Some guests attending your event may not drink alcohol.

Now that you have learned these helpful hints, have fun selecting an amazing venue for your next party!

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