Resilient: Event Planners in the Pandemic



1. (of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

It’s been 567 days since our first event was dramatically halted because of the threat of COVID-19. Since that date, there have been few days where the world of events felt easy. We have worked to figure out how to do something brand new, then figure out the best way to do it in a short amount of time. We saw vendor partners close their doors, while others rose to the occasion and established themselves as leaders in innovation. As we enter into the third fundraising season of the pandemic, we hear things like “everyone is over virtual”, “I just don’t know if it’s worth it”, and “I just want things back to normal”. 

Normal. Sometimes I think we have lost sight of what that is. So let’s forget normal. Let’s focus on memorable, let’s focus on goals, let’s focus on what we can do – not what we lost. 

One of our core values at Do Good Event is Effervescent Achievers. We show up. We do our best. We strive to overcome every obstacle. And we do it all with a smile. It’s what we are known for. But what do we do when we physically can’t show up, because it’s not safe to do so. When the definition of “best” can be a little ambiguous at times. When each day is a new obstacle, a new headline, and new guidance.

We put on a smile – and do it anyway. We are resilient. Because the work we do matters.

Events matter.

Events bring a community together for a brand to be experienced. They raise critical funds that change lives in large and small ways. They share love and laughter and tears, in a space that embodies our values and who we are at our core. 

Events give us something to look forward to! They give us something to dress up for. Something to get us out of our usual routine. They give us a reason to see old friends and create new relationships.

There is no mistake that the events industry is a $1.2 billion dollar industry. Events are at the backbone of our community.

So, while we are still in the season of hard. Don’t stop pushing. Don’t stop innovating and creating experiences that will entice and delight – whether it’s in person or online. Don’t give up on your event. 

But DO create, imagine, dream and find others to do it with you! Reflect the good times and prepare for better times to come. Remember why you got into this crazy adventure of events. Recall how we used to love the twists and turns of events and rush of event day.

And do take care of you. Find your network – find your people. If you don’t have your people, ask us about Planner 2 Planner, we’ll be your people.

The events industry is some of the most resilient people we know. For years we have mastered the swimming duck – calm on the surface but paddle like crazy underwater. We know how to keep it together when everything is falling apart. Our reliance is being tested, but we will survive this test. 

We will put on amazing events. We will build community. We will raise funds.

We are going to DO GOOD EVENTS.

Let’s go.

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