Planning for Weather

Tis the season for thinking ahead to beautiful spring and summer events! As Minnesotans we know weather is always a factor even when we crave an outdoor event. During winter months, we must consider transportation difficulties that could effect the timeline of planned activities.

Here are a few ideas to ponder from industry experts at Do Good Events:

  • List all possible forecasts for your event date: No meteorology degree required for this step! Ponder the extremes in temperature or precipitation for your events date and location. Be especially thorough while contemplating fall and spring months—April could bring snow as easily as rain!
  • Search for flexible venues: Look for sites that cater to your potential weather needs. Is the outdoor band shell located next to an indoor community center? Could sides be added to the collapsible tent for a windy day? Creativity is key when assessing venues.
  • Think “Up” and “Around”: Search for sites with overhead coverage that will protect guests from precipitation, UV rays, or other elements. Remember, not all weather surprises come pouring down from the sky. Sudden winds can create chaos if loose decorations or desserts go sailing through the air! Think about how you might weigh materials down or even shelter your site from a gusty day.
  • Communicate with guests and vendors: No need to panic if your plans require weather adjustments. Calmly inform your guests of venue updates through email and signage. Notify vendors as soon as possible, so they can make their own modifications to timeline, etc.

If you’re feeling gray by all this talk of weather preparations, let Do Good Events help! We are happy to go the extra mile to ensure your event is covered, whatever the weather may bring.

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