Planning for the Year Ahead

As we wrap up 2015, many of us look back and remember highlights and make plans for the year ahead. Did you attend a memorable event this year? What made it special?

What do you want to improve in 2016? Do you have a growth goal?

Do Good Events works with many clients on a monthly basis to increase engagement with their stakeholders. We assist businesses, nonprofit organizations and member groups in creating a year-long plan for maintaining and developing their audience. Offering a wide variety of events can open your doors to potential clients or donors, as well as engage with those already involved in your organization.

Key ideas to keep in mind as you plan your year:

Begin with the end in mind. Your strategic plan for the year will play into your events budget and guide the results you desire. What is the purpose of your events? Are you fundraising? Building community among employees? Bringing in new clients? Keeping current clients engaged?

You add value! Consider the value your organization adds to the surrounding community. Providing a class, workshop, lecture or lunch and learn is a powerful way to engage a large group and build your brand awareness.

Location, Location, Location. Brainstorm hot spots in the area near your headquarters. If your location is in the western suburbs, take advantage of your proximity to Lake Minnetonka, be open to an outdoor gathering with a wellness component, such as ice skating or snowshoeing for winter or a something on a boat in summer. Northeast Minneapolis businesses and organizations could embrace the brewery culture surrounding them and reach out to create partnerships. In any community are a number of nonprofit organizations that would benefit from a partnership. Think schools, humane societies or social service centers where your group could volunteer or send proceeds.

Give the people what they want! Think carefully about special interests or targeted events that will draw a specific crowd. Every month’s event doesn’t have to be for every stakeholder. A balance of large and small events is key.

Creating a year-long engagement plan can be simple, especially with help from Do Good Events! Start with a brainstorm of the who, what, when and where. Below is a sample calendar to maintain current relationships with surrounding community and build brand awareness:

January – Evening networking event for young professionals at a brewery or distillery
February – Couples date night wine tasting at local wine shop
March – Weekend wellness wander for families, snowshoeing at a park
April – Breakfast lecture by local expert
May – Weekend home improvement expo
June – Book drive fundraiser picnic for kids’ summer reading
July – Guys’ night out cars and cigars at classic car dealership
August – Ladies’ night out cooking class
September – Networking trivia night on a patio or rooftop
October – Charity poker tournament at card club  
November – 5K run/walk for families
December – Saturday morning appreciation breakfast for all stakeholders

At any event, your goal is to play host and engage with the crowd you’ve gathered. Let Do Good Events take care of the details! Call us today, for the best laid plans are made in December!

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