Outdoor Events: Tips and Tricks

Spring has sprung and outdoor events are here! Whether you live in Minnesota, California or Colorado, events outside need additional steps in the planning process. You can’t predict what circumstances may arise at your event. From weather to missed flights to mosquitos the only thing you can do it expect the unexpected and be prepared! Here are a few great tips for your next outdoor event:

  1. Weather is the first thing that comes to mind when planning an outdoor event. Rain, snow, lightning, wind and more can affect your event so plan ahead! Be sure to have an option for shelter such as a tent, pavilion or indoor space.
  2. Not only may you encounter weather but that includes temperature. If your event is during mid-summer you may want to consider having hand fans, umbrellas to block the sun or areas with heavy shade. If it is a chilly day have pieces such as blankets or outdoor heat lamps.
  3. If weather wasn’t enough we have yet to mention the issue of pesky bugs! Depending on the location of your event such as a park or by a lake, take precautions. Scented citronella candles or citronella tiki torches are a proactive way to tackle them. You may also consider providing different types of bug sprays.
  4. Another event piece to pay attention to is restrooms. Consider budgeting for a more upscale, portable bathroom. You may also glam up a public restroom by placing fresh flowers or complimentary toiletry options in each men and women’s location.
  5. When it comes to comfortable outdoor seating, try bringing the indoor out! Not only is it a hot trend for 2015, it will create a unique setting for your event. Couches, coffee tables and table lamps are a nice touch.
  6. Be careful with your décor arrangements. Knowing that weather, including wind, could play a part in your event it is important to plan accordingly. Anchor all props such as balloons, handouts, flowers and more. You should also consider items that are weighted, for example: rustic elements including barrels, wood and trunks.
  7. Know the needs of your guests. Informing your guests ahead of time about the location is key. They can plan accordingly in regards to proper shoes, dress and arrival time.
  8. Always have plan B, back up, back up, and back up! Have an indoor site in case the outdoor plan is not an option, it turns out to be 82 degrees and humid, or mayflies attack the employee appreciation picnic space. Be prepared for anything!

Just remember, you can be as prepared as ever but things may come up that will be unexpected. Use these great tips to be on top of your game!

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