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Mobile Bidding technology, How Do You Pick?! 

Over the last few years, the number of mobile bidding platforms and event technology solutions have grown and evolved a ton. Without context, looking at the options can be beyond overwhelming. We at Do Good Events work with different platforms and there are amazing aspects of all these platforms and there is not a one-size-fits-all. We have compiled this list of things to consider when picking a platform to help you cut through the confusion.

Event Goals

Keep your goals front and center. Think about what you will need technology for and how that fits into your goals. If you are planning a fundraiser, how will this platform or solution help to raise more dollars? Are you looking to engage guests who are not attending the event itself? (Check out these Silent Auction Trends here.) How can you simplify check in and guest experience? Will this platform allow you to track and look at data in an easy way? Does this software help you through the planning process? Take some time to brainstorm ways you see the technology helping you. This allows you to ask the right questions within the demo process without being confused by any of the fancy “bells and whistles.” 


Innovation is important, especially if you are entering a multi-year contract, as most platforms offer more than year or event-specific contracts. Technology is always evolving and platforms are adding features and functionality as their team creates new solutions. We may be experts in the essential qualities and planning features a platform may have, but the software company and team will be aware of the research behind new technologies. They can also provide product demos and product reviews. We recommend meeting with your top 1-2 platforms for demos to determine which best fits your needs.

User Experience

Something to keep in mind is your user experience; for those who maintain the site on the back end, and the guests who use it to register or donate at your event. Ensure the technology solution is the right fit for your audience. The more comfortable your team can be with the software, the better you can utilize its features. Therefore, this leads to an improved guests’ user experience and a greater ROI for your event. 

Reliability & Support 

Event technology needs to be reliable. A minute or two of lagging during .an event can lead to frantic planners, frustrated guests, and even lost information! Investing in a reliable platform is important to ensure your planning process, and especially event day, runs smoothly. Be aware of any training pages and “Help” sections the platform has, as these can be an amazing resource for your team to set up the site, and troubleshoot issues throughout the process. Some platforms even give you a dedicated representative who you can ask questions of directly!

Lastly, when determining what platform to use for your event, be sure to keep your goals, user experience, innovation, and reliability in mind. This will ensure that you find a platform that is the perfect fit for your organization and events. 

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