Marketing Your Event With Social Media

Although the planning and executing stages of events are extremely important, a perfect event is only perfect if there are people there to experience it. Using social media to get people excited and ready for the event can be quick and easy. Here are some tips to use social media to effectively market your event!

Post About Speakers, Sponsors, or Interesting Vendors

  • In the time leading up to the event consider posting about the key speakers. Include a picture and short biography of the speaker, a title or snapshot of their speech, and a link to their website.
  • If the event doesn’t include speakers, create unique posts about the sponsors or vendors that will be at the event. People might be more excited to attend if they see that a company they support was a sponsor, or that their favorite bakery, brewery, or other local shop will be there as a vendor!

Ask Sponsors and Vendors to Share Your Posts on Their Social Media

  • Most, if not all, businesses love free promotions. Be sure to tag your sponsors and vendors in your posts to allow people to explore their social media pages. In return ask them to share your posts on their social media!

Think About Giveaways

  • Did someone say free stuff? Giveaways are a great way to get people excited about your event if you have unsold tickets or surplus merchandise.
  • Create interactive posts that ask people to like and share the post or tag a couple of friends in the comments. Be sure to ask the winners of the free prizes to post themselves wearing the merchandise or holding their tickets!
  • Also, try to leave enough time after the giveaway for those who didn’t win tickets to buy their own. The giveaway is not only meant to give people free stuff but to get more people excited about the event as well!

Create an Event Page on Facebook

  • Create a Facebook event to promote your event! This is a great way to reach your attendees’ networks, as well as communicate with those interested in attending your event. Use this page to post a timeline of the event, add updates or changes to the event, and to list speakers or vendors.
  • This event page is also a great place to add pictures and videos after the event, because promotion doesn’t have to end just because the event did!

For Those Who Aren’t on Social Media, Add to Local Event Calendars

Nowadays it seems like everyone is on social media, but limiting your marketing to social media accounts may cause you to miss out on a whole new audience. To reach individuals who may not be on social media or who simply may not follow your social media accounts, consider adding your event to local event calendars. Spreading the word about your event on these calendars may also lure in people from out of town who are searching for something to do while in your city. There are many local event calendars that will promote your event free of cost!

Some options in the Twin Cities area are:

Marketing is key to a successful event that people will remember. Using social media strategically can help boost your followers, while highlighting your event and the speakers, sponsors and vendors who will be attending. Sponsors and vendors will appreciate the promotion and can help market your event by sharing your posts on their social media channels. Social media is also an easy way to give away unsold tickets or merchandise and get people excited for the event! Don’t forget to add your event to local event calendars to reach those who aren’t on social media. Marketing doesn’t have to hard, make it simple with social media.

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