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Insights from the Intern

By: Conor Romig, Do Good Events Fall Intern


Over the past three months, I have had the wonderful opportunity to Intern with Do Good Events. Throughout my time with what I would refer as the BEST event planning company in the Twin Cities, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. Kalsey, Hannah, Kara, Michelle, and Megan are the hardest working women I have ever met and I am forever grateful for the knowledge and skills I have gained working alongside each of them! As my internship sadly comes to a close with Do Good Events, I decided to reflect on the MULTITUDE of things I have learned. With much difficulty narrowing down my thoughts, I was able to compile the top three things I have learned from my time with Do Good Events.


Work Well Under Pressure-

Within the event industry it is a fact that you will be required to work under pressure. This ability put me to the test at one of my favorite events, Abria. With close to 900 attendees, Abria was one of the largest events I had the opportunity to work at. I have learned that, large events comes with a lot of running around and last-minute changes. At this event, I saw Kalsey being pulled a million different ways at once, always remaining calm and composed, instilling in me how important being able to work under pressure truly is. I will forever remember this event for showing me the importance of being able to work well under pressure and the 40,000 steps I logged once the night had ended!  


Double Check, Triple Check and Then Check Again-

Seriously, it’s worth checking again. Within my first few events with Do Good Events it had became clear to me that anything and everything is worth checking over and over again. Fine details are often times vital to making an event flawless. Without them, events would not be possible. Without the proper materials, lists, or signage, an event can go from organized to hectic. Fortunately, we never experienced the second option at Do Good Events. This is largely due to the fact that everything is checked and ran through to reassure excellence. When working with table seating, one minor mistake with bid numbers can result for a crazy night or a very awkward situation.


Love What You Do –

By far the greatest thing I have taken away from my time with Do Good Events is to LOVE WHAT YOU DO. It is 100 percent clear from the first time I met everyone that each member of the Do Good Events team absolutely loves events. The hard work everyone puts into the smallest and largest details was inspiring to see. It showed how much each individual truly cares about the events they are helping to execute. Often times, it felt like we weren’t even working at all. My time working with Do Good helped me solidify my passion for the event industry and its perfect fit to my personality. Time spent working events and in the office never felt like a task, and I enjoyed every minute of every day. I am thankful and grateful to have found a passion for this industry!

My time with Do Good Events has been exceptional, and like I said, it was incredibly difficult for me to narrow down the three top lessons have learned from my experience. Learning about Event promotion, silent auctions, bidding systems and more have also been wonderful aspects of my experience and I cherish the opportunity to learn the in’s and outs of the event industry. Do Good Events is an exceptional company that I would recommend to anyone and everyone looking for somewhere to work or to plan their next event. I am excited to continue on with Do Good Events as an events specialist helping to put on successful events and continue working with the wonderful DGE team!


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