How It Began

Event Planner
The world of an event planner!

As a child, I always had a different, crazy response to what I wanted to be when I grew-up: a doctor so I could help people, a roller-coaster designer because I wanted to build things, the first female president because I liked to lead and a writer who had to pay attention to all the details of their story.

Who would have thought that as an event expert I would do all of these things! Event planners are helping people create memories, designing productions of all sizes, leading many vendors to the same goal and making sure the details are remembered and noticed.

While I’ve always LOVED planning and bringing people together it wasn’t until college that I realized I could make a career out of event planning. In addition to classes & running for my college I spent my time on our activities and recreation board – learning firsthand how to plan an exciting, innovative event that students wanted to spend their time at and how to pull off all the logistics involved with a concert for thousands of people.

As this passion has grown, so has my experiences and expertise. I’ve experienced the event industry from the perspective of a corporate event planner, restaurant event planner & adventure event planner. Do Good Events is a combination of these skills and experiences.

I am so excited to bring the Twin Cities Do Good Events – we are ready to revitalize the event scene and do something good every day.


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