Green Event Planning!

Green Event Planning
Practice sustainability and the reductionist approach with these green event planning tips!

Today is Earth Day. It is important we reflect on our personal and professional habits and see what little changes we can implement to make a difference. There is a worldwide need to be greener and everyone needs to do their part – including events. Here’s a few (of the thousands) of surprising facts and ways we can all make a small difference!

Did you know? A typical dinner travels over 1,500 miles before it is served! That is a lot of packaging and fossil fuel being wasted when there are so many ways to eat local! Be educated – ask your caterers & chefs where they get their food from. Choose to work with restaurants & caterers that are shopping local and supporting Midwest farmers!

Did you know? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates the hotel community uses more than 180 billion gallons of water each year. If one person shortened the length of their shower by 4 minutes it would save approximately 2650 gallons of water per year!

Did you know? 186,400 TONS of recyclable paper is thrown away each year in Minnesota. At your next conference or meeting, give attendees a USB with all the necessary documents instead of a folder or packet that may end up in our landfills!

Did you know? The average person in the United States produces 4.5 pounds of waste per year! At your next event, instead of sending guests home with knick-knacks consider donating to a charity in the guest’s honor!

Consider your next event. Whether a birthday party or large festival how can you implement a reductionist approach and reduce, re-use or recycle at the event? The sooner in your planning phases you begin thinking about sustainability the easier it will be to maximize your efforts and help make a difference! Do Good Events will be thinking green as we plan great events in 2013!

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