Get Your Spring Event Noticed

As the harsh Minnesota winter fades into the past, companies and non-profits are looking ahead to their spring events. While press coverage of corporate events isn’t always needed, it can really help spread the word about fundraising events or corporate-sponsored seminars and workshops.

plan ahead and follow these simple tips.

Polish the Details and Broadcast Them

Journalists who report on events have their jobs down to a science. They can tell if an event is noteworthy just by looking at key details: where the event is held, who’s coming, and who’s hosting. Work with your event planner to pick an interesting venue that fits your needs.

Booking a big name for your event can help build buzz, too. However, you may not need to look to Hollywood or New York to find a celebrity keynote speaker or special guest. Well-known local or industrial names can attract the attention of the press, especially if your event is geared toward a particular neighborhood or industry.

After your events key details are worked out, create a press release to promote your upcoming event in the media. Make sure your message is engaging and creates excitement.

Create Buzz Before Your Event Begins

Some enterprising companies and non-profits start creating interest in their event before it begins. Pre-event press coverage can increase ticket sales and donations. It can also increase attendance, making your event even more successful.

Pre-event press coverage can take many forms. Some organizations choose to submit press releases to various newspapers and websites. Others call up the local newspaper, radio station, or TV station and ask to be interviewed about their events.

Make Reporting Easy

The easier it is for reporters to cover your event, the more likely they are to do just that. Use a press release to give reporters the tip-off on your event, and then give them an exclusive, personal invitation to attend.

Once reporters arrive at your event, give them the VIP treatment. Check them in promptly and have a staff member give them a tour of the venue and connect them with special guests. Show off what is great about your event, and it is likely to make it into the reporter’s story.

This spring, take your event up a notch with some press coverage. To learn more or to get planning, contact Kalsey at Do Good Events today.

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