Five Tips for Surviving Event Day (1)

Five Tips for surviving event day!

Whether you had been planning for weeks, months or years your event certainly had a lot of time and energy put into the planning process! So, how do you make sure you not just survive but enjoy the day of your event? These five tips will help you have a memorable event day! 

1. Be the host

It’s easy to get sucked into the details, vendors and management but guests want to see you! Plan to greet guests and delegate for someone else to manage the last minute changes. Throughout event day, find moments to connect with attendees – perhaps making the rounds during dinner or holding the door open as guests depart. Guests notice when they are recognized and thanked for their participation in your event. 

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff

We know, it’s cliché. But, also so true! It’s easy to get worked up about things that don’t go perfectly to plan but ask yourself whether it is something attendees will notice or just you? Will it takeaway from a guest’s experience? Likely not, in which case see #3 and move on! 

3. Take notes for next time

There are always things to improve or that you will want to remember the next go
around. Try to keep a notebook with you and jot down notes as you experience them
or at a minimum, take a few minutes at the end of event day to write down things you
don’t want to forget. This may include things to improve but also details like how long it
took for guests to take their seats, how long your live auction lasted, or comments on
the food.

4. Pack the essentials (and a little more)

An easy way to alleviate stress on event day is by being prepared! We have extensive packing lists for all events but you should always bring ample supplies including lots of pens, many types of tape, and multiple pairs of scissors! We wouldn’t execute an event without a clipboard and extra copies of the vendor contact list, floorplans, timeline/run of show, and staff/volunteer schedules. 

5. Get ahead where you can get ahead

Always consider ways you can increase your confidence about the event day by completing tasks ahead of time! This may include taking inventory of signage, stuffing swag bags, assembling centerpieces, dropping items off at the venue, rehearsing the program, putting signage into frames or completing napkin folds. Take a peak at our 30-day event checklist for some more ideas.

And a bonus tip – Take care of yourself!

Event day comes with stress! Do what is in your power to take care of yourself.
Perhaps this is packing your favorite snacks or prioritizing time to get ready in your
set-up schedule. It is critical that you show up as your best self on event day so
prepare and plan for you, too. And, make sure you consider how you will celebrate a
job well done after the event!

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