Events & The Polar Vortex

The polar vortex sweeping our nation has impacted everything – from school cancellations to even whether future super bowls will be held at cold-weather stadiums. Regardless of if your event is indoors or outdoors, weather impacts it greatly. Here are a few tips if you are hosting an event or attending one to help make it a successful experience despite the chill!

Hosting an event 

  • Turn the heat up before guests arrive so they walk into a warm comfortable space. This way they will feel ready to take off their coat and get comfortable.
  • Consider having slippers available for guests if you want them to take their wet shoes off.
  • Make your signature beverage a warm one – try a hot chocolate bar complete with baileys, whip cream, chocolate chips, and peppermint sticks.
  • Consider hiring a valet service so people don’t have a long ways to walk and can leave and get right into a warm car!
  • If there is a cash bar at the event, host a weather related special, such as a $1 off for every inch it snowed that day.

Attending an event  

  • Dress in extra layers beginning with a base layer (such as under armour or long underwear) and a windproof outer layer. Vaseline is a great way to add a layer to your skin – apply this to your face for less windchill.
  • Warm waterproof boots and good, wool socks are a must!
  • Bring a lot of hand & toe warmers!
  • Wear a scarf and breath into to fill your lungs with some warm air.
  • Pack warm food! Noodles or hot chocolate in a thermos will help

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