How-To: 4 Ways to Get Creative with your Event Budget

Do you have a small budget for your upcoming event?  Are you raising money for a mission? When you’re planning an event under these situations, you might come to find that expenses add up quickly.  Here are some simple tips to cut event costs!

Find Sponsorships Where You Can

  • Use your organization’s network connections to gain sponsorships.
  • Think outside of the box – if a potential sponsor cannot donate at a higher tier, could they help cover event costs by being the valet sponsor? Or decor?
  •  Sponsorships don’t just have to just come in a dollar amount. See if potential vendors will support your mission by providing their services for free or at a reduced cost in return for brand exposure or other benefits you can offer.

Décor on a Dime

  • Let Pinterest be your best friend! There are so many creative DIY ideas for event design inspiration.
  • Consider investing in branded decorations that can be re-used for future events. Look for decorations in your brand colors, or invest in a photo backdrop that features your logo.

Save Big on Print

Instead of spending a fortune at the printer, take advantage of online and in-house opportunities for your event marketing.

  • Social media can be a great tool to advertise for your event at little to no cost. You can promote tailored Facebook event ads to potential attendees instead of paying for the cost of print ads and flyers.
  • Save on print and mailing costs of invitations by using an online event registration site for your event, and utilizing email marketing campaigns.
  • Things like simple programs, name tags, and some signage can be printed in-house.  Test your in-house printer’s capabilities before sending to a printing service.
  • Consider using an event app instead of signage for larger or multiple-day events, such as a conference.

Work with Students and Value your Volunteers

  • Take advantage of colleges and universities in your area! Students are eager for real-life experience. They are hard workers and bring new insight to your event.  For example, consider asking a graphic design student to create your event collateral as an internship opportunity.
  • And, don’t forget to appreciate your volunteers! Volunteers offer event support at no cost to your organization.

Don’t let your budget scare you! Planning an event on a dime is possible, we promise. If you still find that you need help managing your event budget, contact us at or 612-293-9420.  We’re here to help!

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