Avoid the Stress! 4 Tips to Stay Focused While Planning Your Next Event

As fall approaches and kids are heading back to school, businesses are buzzing and ramping up their goals and objectives for the coming year. For many, this means gearing up for fall conferences, fundraiser galas, or other company hosted events. Planning an event while staying focused on your usual work load can feel extremely overwhelming. Here are 4 tips to help you de-stress and stay on track for your next event!

Get Organized

Make a list of to-do’s and break it down into specifics.

  • What needs to be done?
  • When does the task need to be completed?
  • Who will it be assigned to?

Prioritizing your tasks and completing the most important or time sensitive action items first will help you and your team stay on track. For more information, check out one of past blogs on how to effectively set goals and stay organized!

Create a System

Whether your team uses Google Drive or another program to share files during the planning process, this information needs to be easily accessible. Having knowledge and visibility on the status of tasks/projects to be completed helps to reassure that everything is being taken care of. 


Have a weekly phone call or meeting to discuss the event. Prepare an agenda to help keep the conversation on track, clarify action items, assign tasks and due dates, and send out a meeting recap. It’s also important to recognize when you or another team member is overwhelmed. Ask for help, or take a project off somebody’s plate if there are other important tasks they should be focusing on.

Celebrate the Small Victories

Whether you have found all of your sponsors, met your fundraising goal, or had an all-time high attendance at your event, treat your team! Establish a positive atmosphere that encourages your team to push themselves to reach these goals.

Is planning an event out of your realm? We can help! Our goal is to help our clients by taking care of all the details so they can enjoy their event! Give us a call or send us an email, we would love to hear from you!  

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