Authentic Connections: 4 Tips to Elevate Your Interactions

Bringing people together, whether for work or play, has many benefits. Closest to our hearts is the ability to have authentic and meaningful opportunities to connect, share and build relationships. You could be attending a business seminar, supporting your favorite charity at their annual gala, celebrating love at a winter wedding or joining friends and family for some good ole’ togetherness. Whatever your gathering, make the most of it by utilizing these 4 tips for maximizing your relationships.


Make friends, not “contacts” We often forget: the best way to make a friend is to begin a conversation with a meaningful greeting. Use that person’s name and remember it. Take time to talk about the small things; it makes a difference. Treat every person you meet with the level of kindness and sincerity that you would want to receive yourself.  Relationships are so much more valuable if they are developed through genuine, human-to-human interactions. Place emphasis on quality over quantity; you won’t be disappointed.

Ask more questions You will undoubtedly become more engaged in conversation if you are asking questions. You will be forced to step outside yourself and pay closer attention. This might mean asking clarifying questions, looking for advice or diving into specifics on a certain topic of conversation. More thoughtful questions will result in more insightful responses. The conversation will reach a new level of interest and in the end, you’re much more likely to feel that it was time well spent.

Be Honest Challenge yourself to grow your self-awareness and give the most genuine version of yourself. Emotionally intelligent people will instantly recognize if the interaction feels forced and you will be perceived as less authentic. You can build more meaningful connections by offering a level of transparency about how you’re feeling that day or what life has been like recently. Be the breath of fresh air in a world where we’re expected to give cliché responses!  

Be Courteous In today’s world, we tend lose sight of human connection. We all know that it’s easier to check your phone than to initiate a new conversation at a party. To make your relationships stronger and more meaningful, we challenge you to reintegrate human connection and step away from technology. Spend time connecting without help from your phone and if you really want to make a lasting impression, believe in the power of snail mail. That’s right, we love hand-written follow-up cards. Show kindness and it’s sure to be returned to you.

As industry experts, we can tell you that the biggest way to optimize your time with coworkers, friends and family at any event is to not have to worry about the event details. Without the stress of event logistics, you’ll be much more relaxed and able to connect.  If you’re needing help with the planning, prepping or execution of an event, we can help! Contact Do Good Events today for a free consultation. What do you have to lose?!

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