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8 Tips for planning your outdoor event

As the pandemic lingered and the uncertainty of when events would return in-person remained, we had many clients move their events into warm months and the outdoors. It gave a sense of security that guests would feel more comfortable than being indoors. In addition, an outdoor event is truly magical and really elevate people’s senses and broaden your theme options. It can also be a bit more complex. Here are some tips to ensure you are prepared for you next outdoor event

1. Have a Plan B

Weather is unpredictable and you need to be prepared for an outdoor event! This might include a tent (make sure to have the sides on-hold too!) Too often we think “it won’t happen to me” but you need to have safe, covered options and/or alternate rain dates in the case of inclement weather.

2. Communicate to your Guests

Guests need to understand during the registration process and pre-event communications that the event will be outside. You should clearly state attire expectations and note footwear as well if you will be in a grassy space. Your guests should also know how they will be updated if weather will impact the event. 

3. Explore Permit Needs

Every city has a variety of permit requirements regardless of your event size. Call your local city planners and find out if you will need a permit for things like amplified sound, tents, generators or food trucks. 

4. Be Mindful of Your Budget 

An outdoor event can be sneaky in its costs. Depending on your venue inclusions, you may need to rent more items than being indoors. Be sure and create a budget spreadsheet and discern any new costs with an outdoor space before making your venue selection. 

5. Consider all the Elements!

Think about the weather and if you should be considering fans or heaters! Depending on the venue, you might also want to spray for mosquitos or provide a basket of bug spray and sunscreen for guests to use. 

6. Be Creative with your Signage and Linens

You never know when a gust of wind might come through your event space! Make sure you put air vents in any large signs and consider yard stakes signs instead of easels. We also recommend going linenless with your tables to prevent linens blowing off! 

7. Surprise & Delight your Guests

There are many ways outdoors to make your guests smile without too much added cost or time. We love using chalk on entry paths, having an ice cream truck on-site and being sure the be mindful of your bathroom budget – a bathroom trailer is much more appreciated by your guests that port-a-potties!

8. Prepare your Staff

Be sure to do a run-through with your staff so they are prepared for the day. Staff may want to consider bringing a bike if your event space is large and handfree walkie talkies to communicate appropriately.

We love outdoor events and would love to see yours be very successful! Email us at if we can discuss with you further! 

Don’t forget to rent your tent early! Tents are a great option for sun and rain protection. They also add interest and dimension to the look of your event.
Get creative with your event logistics. This Peacock from Enticing Entertainment did a fabulous job entertaining guests and direction traffic during a drive-thru event.

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