5k, 10k and Beyond: A Guide to Planning a Successful Community Event

Training is crucial for a smart runner with an upcoming meet. But pre-run preparations are completely necessary for an organized event manager, too! A charity walk, 5K run, or half-marathon can be the event you need to bring people together. Here are a few ideas to consider when planning your next 5K:

  1. Make the Run Worth It. T-shirts are great, but nothing beats the feeling of making someone’s life a little better. Choose a charity or foundation to support with proceeds from your event. Runners may feel more incentive to participate if they can see a meaningful cause.
  2. Choose Your Path Wisely. Carefully consider the route your participants will travel. Are there busy roads that would need to be blocked off? Is the terrain level or uneven? Should law enforcement agencies verify the use of certain property? Make sure that your runners will stay safe and legal during the race!
  3. Hospitality Always Helps. Think about the needs of participants before, during, and after the event. Ensure that accessible restrooms are nearby or rentable. Plan for water breaks at strategic locations along the route. Offer a secured location for runners to place belongings. Provide a post-workout snack after the run. A satisfied guests will share positive messages about their experience, but an unpleased runner will do the same.
  4. Show the Way. Verify that your runners know the route. Include maps of the path with registration materials. Offer copies of the route onsite before the race. Install volunteers along the path to point runners in the proper direction. Utilize signs or chalk arrows if staffing is not possible.
  5. Make Community Connections. Connect with local businesses to see if they would consider sponsoring your event. Grocery stores, screen-print shops, or sportswear retailers might offer donations directly to day-of needs. See how your community can support your cause when you share specific needs!

Here at Do Good Events, we love helping brands build community awareness through exceptional events. Let us know how we can help with your upcoming sports competition!

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