5 Ways to Spice Up Your Fall Event

When people think about fall, they often think of leaves changing, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes. How do you create a fall event that encompasses all of these fall themes and stands out over all of the other holiday events? There are five keys areas you should focus on to help “spice” up your fall event: theme, food, social media, activities, and giving.


First, create a theme that reflects the fall season, such as “sweater weather” or “flannels for fall” that encourages your guests to dress up in a certain way. Get creative with a fun title that showcases the theme of the event. Having a theme helps to focus on creating an event that comes together around one idea. Build on your theme by creating a mood during the event with a fun playlist featuring the latest holiday music. Reach all of your guests’ senses by bringing in fall scents to fill the room and immerse your guests in the feeling of fall.


Next, add a creative touch to your menu, while also staying aligned with the theme of your event. Create the feeling of an apple orchard with a caramel apple bar or a variety of pies. You could fill a bar with different types of popcorn or trail mix with a touch of candy corn. Top off your event with unique holiday drinks that include fall spices and flavors like pumpkin or apple.


Third, make sure to get your event out on social media both prior to the event and during the event. Promote your event on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Choose which platforms to use depending on your target audience. You can easily add a backdrop and some fun fall props to create your own photobooth where guests can show off their best sweater or flannel. Finally, create a #hashtag for your event that your guests can use when they post pictures online.


Have some engaging activities planned that match your fall theme. Depending on your audience, these different activities can add a special touch to your event. There are many activities where you can use pumpkins, tying into your fall theme. For example, hold a pumpkin pie eating or pumpkin carving contest, or play pumpkin ring toss.


Finally, fall not only starts the holiday season, but also the “season of giving.” Adding a social responsibility piece to your event is on trend this year. Inspire your guests to give back during the holiday season by including an activity where they can get involved in a charitable mission. This often includes completing a service project. For example, packing hygiene kits for local homeless shelters. You could also make an activity into a competition where guests compete for the charity of their choice.

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