4 Ways to Give This Season

The holidays are a wonderful time for so many reasons, but the emphasis of “giving” is what we love the most about this time of the year! Year-end typically brings the most generosity and our world today is experiencing the highest statistical rate of philanthropy in global history.  Gifts can come in all shapes, sizes and forms; yet all can make an impact. Do Good Events is lucky to work with 30+ non-profits yearly and we are always amazed by the unique and impactful gifts their communities provide.

Here are some different ways to give:

Time: This is one of the most valuable resources for non-profits, especially organizations with limited staff. Helping on site, volunteering at a gala, or serving on their board are all finite ways to donate time to support a charity. Another way to look at time is saving the organization time by providing resources. Do you have a contact the organization could utilize so they do not have to spend time searching for one? Can you provide a network of helpers to tackle a project in a fraction of the time? Whether you’re giving your time in person or helping to eliminate time, it’s gift worth giving.

Talents: Similar to the resource of time, often non-profits have a small team who wear many hats to tackle responsibilities. Do you have a profession that you could provide your expertise at no cost? Accountants, web designers, mechanics, chefs, event planners, lawyers, language experts, and business owners are just a few examples of individuals who can lend their talents. In addition to your profession, your hobbies can be an asset too!. Do you have neat handwriting and could help address special invitations?  Are you really good at organizing spaces or proofreading documents? Use your gifts as a gift!

Monetary: Obviously, monetary donations are appreciated, but there are ways you can be creative with this gift too. If you don’t want the hassle of writing a check, many employers provide ways to give direct paycheck deposits and may even “match” the donation, essentially doubling your money. If you don’t have the cash to give now, but long term would like to give, you can include an organization in your will or endowment. Donations don’t have to be a one way street either, non-profits often host several events throughout the year. Why not give a donation and get a round of golf for it or treat yourself to a night out on the town at a special event!

Items: There are many organizations that ask for specific supplies throughout the year, whether that is food, clothing, toys, or building supplies. In addition to ongoing needs, almost every nonprofit has a signature event like a Gala where they are in need of donations for a silent or live auction. Here’s where you can be creative with your donation! Are you a gardener and make homemade jams and can veggies; those would make a delicious silent auction basket item. Do you have a property somewhere warm that could be used as a vacation package for live auction? Or you might work for a fun place that could provide a VIP tour experience for the winning bidder. You could even be cleaning out your closets and discover a beautiful purse or scarf you never wore and put together a fashion basket. There are so many ways to be creative with your gift!

Besides the warm & fuzzies of giving a gift, there are a lot of tax and personal benefits for getting involved with a non-profit. If you’re looking for ways to give this season or anytime throughout the year, let Do Good Events help you get connected.

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