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3 Revenue Generating Tips for Golf Tournaments

It’s April; and although the snow is coming down, golf season is literally days away!

That means golf tournaments are also on the horizon for many spring fundraisers. BeFORE your planning is underway, consider a few ways to increase revenue at your upcoming tournament through technology, on course games and new sponsorship opportunities.

Incorporating Technology

Prior to your guests even hitting the links, their experience begins. Therefore, utilizing technology for registration can simplify the process, and ultimately add more to the bottom line. There are a variety of mobile platforms available that can act as a master check-in list among other things. What are those other “things”?

Mobile platforms provide opportunities for you to:

  • Capture guests credit card information upon check-in. This helps to expedite the process and ultimately, increase the amount spent throughout the day
  • Conduct pre-event sales; whether selling mulligans or bundle tickets (VIP Packages) to golfers without the individual having to literally reach in their pocket for cash
  • Host games on the course without fear of guests not having “cash” available; instead they’re able to utilize their bidder number and add it to their virtual tab
  • Silent or Live Auction bidding and check out (no more paper hassle!)
  • Prepare an “ASK” during the program, known as a Fund-A-Need. It offers an easy and quick way for people to give; where you don’t have to chase for payment either.

On Course Games

As already alluded to, another tip to increasing funds at a golf tournament is to incorporate games for your guests to participate. A few ideas include:

  • Beat the Pro – You can either pay a professional to take the tee shot for your team or try your hand at beating the pro’s shot for a chance to win prizes
  • Helicopter Ball Drop
  • “Honey Pot” (also known as a glorified 50/50 raffle) – golfers pay money to the “honey pot” and you choose the parameters; whether it’s 3 raffle tickets for landing on the green, 2 if you cross the water, 1 if you drive past 250 yards, etc. They win the corresponding tickets and are entered into the raffle to win half the cash.
  • Utilizing a trick-shot entertainer to raise additional funds with contests, tricks, etc.
  • Golf Plinko – guests have an opportunity to win great prizes while also supporting the cause financially

There are hundreds of game ideas available for your next event; it’s important to determine how the games align with your event’s style and audience!

Create New Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship’s are the biggest drivers when planning a golf event. If this is your first time hosting a golf tournament, you may want to consider a Title Sponsor to help underwrite some of the costs. This could be a large company that is tied to your mission or a well known individual in the community.

For those already raking in the sponsorships, think outside the sand trap and explore other opportunities your vendors and clients may be interested in:

  • Hole Sponsors – this is a PAR-fect marketing opportunity for companies to get their brand/logo in front of 120+ golfers
  • Ball Marker – logo a poker chip for golfers to use throughout the day. If you utilize a mobile platform, it can double up with a bidder number for participating in the auction, on-course games, etc.
  • Golf Glove Sponsor – great chance for continued branding by all golfers and well beyond this one tournament
  • Hole-in-One Sponsor – who doesn’t want a chance to win a car?
  • Live Scoring – utilize software like 18Birdies for a virtual scoreboard; the interface is a great platform for sponsorship recognition.

Whether it’s your first event or your 15th year, we would be happy to “chip in” and help make your golf tournament a success! If you’re on the “fringe”, contact us today for a conversation!

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