2024 Trends

2024 Trends in Branded Merchandise

From our partner Joal McAlister of American Solutions for Business

Coming back from the Branded Merchandise Industry’s biggest show of the year, I can’t help but think of all the new exciting products and trends that have been introduced! Along with new products, the industry does a lot of research and mapping of trends for the coming year.  Here are the big takeaways for where the branded merchandise industry trends and products are heading.

General Industry Trends

Sustainability Trends

This word has become familiar to all of us. However, policies and strategies had a slow start in the industry.  This year, it was evident that the industry is totally on board with sustainability, both in corporate initiatives and product lines.  Some of the most amazing products are now made with upcycled materials. For example, journals from recycled fruit skin (think apple, pineapple, kiwi), polos made with recycled coffee grounds (no, they don’t smell like coffee), and products made with recycled plastics pulled out of bodies of water.  To take it one step further, products are now eco-friendly and can themselves be recycled. Many manufacturers are implementing sustainability into their manufacturing facilities, such as a pen factory that operates at completely climate neutral facility.

Give Back

Along with sustainability, many manufacturers are going a step further and implementing Give Back programs. These have been wildly popular with customers.  Programs such as Buy 1, Plant 1 tree initiative, product profits that go towards clean water programs, and building schools. Manufacturers are partnering with organizations and giving back profits for programs that go back into the community and into the environment.  This is one trend we expect to only get bigger! Check out Do Good Events Give Back Campaign for 2023!

Full Color

Printing technologies also continue to improve and evolve, with full color options becoming more widely available and affordable for products of all kinds.  Decorating methods keep improving, making shorter runs more economical and more products having the ability to personalize.  

Product Trends

We like to put themes to product trends to help build the full experience of what we are seeing as new products are launching.  As mentioned, the industry does a lot of research and pays particular attention to what is trending in retail so our industry can be a quick follow on to the popular products.  Take the Stanley 40-ounce tumbler for instance, named the 2023 Branded Merchandise Product of the Year. It took the market by storm.  Our industry’s experts quickly designed product dupes and overnight, it seemed, drinkware suppliers were launching their version of the 40-ounce tumbler. 

Quiet Luxury Trends

This trend is about nicer items that have subtle branding, made of high-quality materials, and in neutral tones. Additionally, this trend is also about sustainable, high-quality items with timeless style and craftsmanship of luxury pieces that are made to last. Genuine leather products were really big in this space.  


More than ever, the lines between work and home are blurred. Finding a healthy equilibrium is important.  This trend includes products that can take people from home to work and are practical for either environment. Items that help people unplug from work and enjoy their own time are a huge


Studies show the younger generations a hold health to a much higher priority than other generations, second only to family. Any type of health conscience product is popular. Mainly, equipment, apparel, things to make it easier for them to stick with their health goals.  Something as simple as a nice lunchbox, water bottle, foam roller, or gym towels help promote a healthy, balanced living. 

Retail brands continue to be hot and we are seeing more coming into the industry.  

And finally, the industry closely watches the colors that are released by Pantone, the experts on color. Expect to see items in the 2024 Pantone Color of the year:  Peach Fuzz.  Pantone describe Peach Fuzz as a “heartfelt peach hue” that communicates “caring and sharing, community and collaboration,” Peach Fuzz represents a gentle new color direction for 2024. 

And that description does a marvelous job of summarizing the trends for 2024! Check out our past blog about event trends to see how things have progressed.

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