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2022 in Review

It’s is hard to believe that 2022 is coming to an end! As we reflect, the past 12 months have been jampacked with many events, new learnings, and desire for togetherness. 

2022 kicked off with a combination of hybrid, in-person and virtual events. Our first in-person events began in February and was met with enthusiasm! It set the tone for a year of events. Trends of this year included guests arriving early, giving generously, and sharing gratitude for togetherness. 

As many of you did, we anticipated many health safety precautions and virtual elements to continue throughout 2022. However, by the summer we saw the virtual numbers dwindling and most guests opting to be mask-free and live in-person. Many fall events changed course from virtual to in-person. Events saw slightly lower attendee numbers than they had pre-pandemic but also very low no-show rates. 

The biggest celebration of 2022 events was the incredible generosity of donors! Silent auctions consistently sold all their packages and fund-the-need went well above fundraising goal. Attendees were excited to re-connect to these important missions and be a part of the greater community. At Do Good Events, we are especially excited and proud that the non-profit events we collaborated with raised more than $11 million dollars – a record for us too! It’s no wonder that the Twin Cities was ranked 10th most generous city in 2022 as reported by GoFundMe.  

On the planning side, we continued to see a majority of meetings held virtually which allowed more committee members to attend. We also experienced many shifts in the planning process from changes in event type to hurdles with shipping times or budget changes. Most events saw a 5 – 10% increase in costs from their 2021 event. 

Highlights of 2022

As we look back on 2022 these 5 moments truly stand out and activated our Core Values.

  1. Live events returned and strategies continued to refine as we activated the Power of Community to learn from each event to influence and improve the next event. Raising over $11 million with our nonprofit partners.
  2. We were honored to speak at a meeting for the International Live Events Association where we built relationships to Be Good Partners all year long.
  3. Our Event Specialists thrived as Effervescent Achievers with new event staffing opportunities and getting back in action at live event registration tables.
  4. Our team of Confident, Passionate, Champions grew as we invited new team members to Do Good Events.
  5. We were honored as Creative Idea Generators with being named Minneapolis Business Best of Business for Event Planning 2022.

We were overjoyed to be back in-person in 2022 and celebrating with you! We all worked together to get the dust off, partner in our community, and be together!  

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